Power Stabilizer & Saver


– Power Indicator
– 1.5mm 3-Core Power Cable

βœ… Save up to 15%- 30% of expense on electricity
βœ… Built-in powerful lightning surge protector
βœ… Improve efficiency and power factor
βœ… Earth friendly, easy to use & maintenance free
βœ… Plug & play design
βœ… Prolong the life of electric equipment’s by 1.5 times
βœ… Test at least 3 months for accurate results

A household electric saving devices is generally used in residential homes to save energy and to reduce electricity bills. It is a small device which is to be plugged in any of the AC socket in the house and it is able to save up to 15%-30% of the energy. Most importantly it is 100% genuine and high quality local made product. The electric saver box is assembled in Malaysia, it has a longer life span, with a strong built up. The product is highly recommended for high usage of the following electronic equipment like air-conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, induction cooker, water pump, water heater etc.

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PSS Model

PSS01, PSS02, PSS03

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Power Stabilizer & Saver
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